Kalila Badali Shares “Panacea,” New Alt-Folk Single Reflecting on an Emotionally Dependent Friendship

Toronto-based songwriter and psychotherapist, Kalila Badali, is sharing a new single from her upcoming project, Panacea. The dreamy and melodic folk of the lead single is an expression of the deep desire which Kalila felt to “help and fix” a good friend of hers who was suffering from mental illness.

Unconsciously, I’ve attached myself to you. Rhizomal, with roots instead of a body.

“Sometimes love makes you lose track of where you begin and another person ends. It can feel really good in a way, deeply connected and supportive, but ultimately it’s not great to lose boundaries. That can lead to all sorts of resentments and confusion,” explains Badali.

Even though it felt like the friendship may have been lost at the time of writing “Panacea,” Badali is grateful to still have this person in her life, just the way they are.