Kasador incite frenzy with “Lock On”

Kingston, Ontario alt-rock band Kasador have never been scared of change. And the three friends at Kasador’s core—Cameron Wyatt (vocals/guitar), Boris Baker (bass), and Stephen Adubofuor (drums)—have been through a lot of it, including losing their former co-lead singer when he stepped down in 2020. 

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Wyatt, Baker, and Adubofuor began the process of growth and building that would eventually produce the music for their second LP, the upcoming Youth. This period encouraged a tightening of the screws: songcraft was dissected and refined, and a new, grittier sound emerged. The result on record is an essential document of a band realizing that things won’t—can’t—last forever, and how to make sense of the gap between youthful dreams and very adult realities.

The band collaborated with producer and co-writer Brett Emmons of The Glorious Sons for their icey punk rock frenzy of a song, “Lock On.”

The music video was shot over three days and enlisted the help of 22 people to direct, film, dance, build props, paint walls, apply old-man prosthetics, and more. The result is a two and a half minute freakshow – a fever dream you’d wake from in a cold sweat before rushing back to sleep.

“The song is a party of your stream of consciousness,” explains Wyatt. “Your fears, fantasies, and everything in between. It’s dangerous to read into it too much.”