Kelle Debuts Bold New Single “Tampa”

naturally drawn to music at a young age through stories of her Father’s band in Australia and hearing the constant hum of his guitar through her early years. As a product of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, Kelle takes inspiration from all that is pop culture.

Her song “Tampa” is emblematic of how Kelle processes pain. During a time in her life where I was experiencing a lot of different emotions, she frequently found herself in the place where anger and shame coincided, which, in turn, only fueled her anger further. 

There is something to be said about the way women are viewed when they are justifiably angry, and the pressure to continue along the high road, in fear of being painted as crazy, bitter, or scorned. In “Tampa,” Kelle chooses to embrace the scorned woman trope, and provide her with support and empathy instead of shame. Through a narrative lens, we can dramatize these heavy feelings and find joy, humour, and celebration in their place. 

The “Tampa” music video is a fun, glamorous expression of femininity, rage, and is inspired by campy 80’s slasher movies, early 2000’s hot pink, and the fascination of the idea of women as murderers. The cast features Kelle, Lara Hamburg, Sara Hinding, Elisa Verrilli, Bennett Aitchison, and Madi Langon.