Kodiak Arcade shares gratefulness for the people in his life in “Grow Together”

A musician of many projects, Graeme Cornies has been talented enough to compose music for more than 1000 episodes of TV as a member of Voodoo Highway Music and Post, write neo-classical music under the banner Cabin Fever Orchestra, and release electronic-pop music under the moniker Kodiak Arcade

His new song “Grow Together” is an ode to the people he’s known for the past decade or longer, who have become completely interwoven into his life. It’s a celebration for the people who have known many versions of him and keep choosing to make new memories together. 

“I like to grow plants in the summer and often, plants that have grown beside each other all season begin to grow together into an interwoven mess that would be hard to separate by late August,” explains Graeme. “To me, that seemed really reflective of the overall theme of choosing people to grow alongside over the long haul. You can’t help but become alike in some ways, to become interwoven into one another’s situations and choices, growing together and weathering storms together and so on.”