Kristina Dervaitis Shares Intricate New Release “If Only” from New Album

Ontario-based OB/GYN Kristina Dervaitis has released her sophomore album, Quickening, produced by celebrated Canadian songwriter Matthew Barber

Borrowing its title from the obstetrical term which refers to the moment in pregnancy when the mother first feels her baby move, Quickening solidifies Dervaitis’ artistry and use of songwriting as a means of catharsis.

Quickening features “If Only,” an emotive piano and string laden ballad which reflects on how rooted our temperaments can be.

“If only we could change who we are, be a different person just for a moment. But we can’t turn away from who we are at our very core, there’s no switch to flip,” explains Dervaitis.

“So much of this album is about self discovery – listening to that inner voice and leaning in,” Dervaitis elaborates. 
Quickening is the product of that experience, my exploration of taking an honest look at who I am and what has shaped my life – including some of the more traumatic moments. Having music as an outlet and tool for my ongoing personal growth has been life changing for me, and having the chance to share the music makes it even more meaningful.”