L.T. Leif Unveils Strong Release “Pass Back Through”

Freak folk artist L.T. Leif (they/them) is rooted in the self-sufficient spirit of their hometown of Calgary, though they have carried their wandering curiosity all over the world. Now living in Glasgow, they are an adopted member of the Scottish DIY music scene whose life and art has been heavily shaped by northern landscapes and climes.

The first single, “Pass Back Through” is from their upcoming album, Come Back To Me, But Lightly (Jan 2023). 

Leif had just gone through a painful loss before writing this song, and it was dredging up their unresolved issues from the past. They were struck by the harsh way that lessons seem to repeat themselves ad nauseam, reformatting themselves but coming at you over and over. “Pass Back Through” is an image of endurance that is flexible and moving: you still have a life to live. That path you’re walking isn’t linear – sometimes it’s all circles, and that’s ok.

“There are a lot of images of the quiet night world – there’s a smallness I would feel when walking in the cold Finnish nights that brought a kind of clearness or release,” Leif explains about the song’s imagery. “There’s this feeling I sometimes got when a bird would fly low over my head from behind, like they were somehow a thought of mine that was bursting forth and flying off, fading out there into the distance… I can get really mired in my own thoughts, and there’s like a release, or a lift that comes when you can let the rich pain and pleasure of the world just be.”