Lexy Panterra is back once again, following her recent singles “Simple Life” and “Bad Bitch,” with a catchy, feel good track titled “UNDER ME;” now available on all digital streaming platforms. This track takes a smooth pop approach as Panterra showcases her versatility in full, with an EDM and pop influenced beat and a hyper pop hook. This latest single is guaranteed to be in everyone’s “hot girl getting ready” playlist for 2023.

Her recent releases “Simple Life” and “Bad Bitch” both received high praise and garnered over 700,000 streams since their release. Showcasing her diverse sound, Lexy dips her feet into the multi-genre artist conversation by highlighting pop, hip-hop and EDM throughout all her singles. With lyrics like “I can do what I want, Bitch I’ll get it” in “Bad Bitch,” and “Cause I don’t want that simple life, It’s the fine things I like” from “Simple Life,” Lexy proves that she makes music for self-proclaimed “Hot Girls”/”Baddies” and “Under Me” continues to build that message. 

Lexy is no stranger to being bold and unapologetically herself through her music and social media presence. This track carries that same carefree vibe fans have come to expect from her and have listeners ready to flex on their ex. Explaining how she wanted to experiment more with her sound after the release of “Simple life,” “UNDER ME” is the most experimental song from the singer at the moment. The track features Lexy’s sultry vocals paired with a deep bass that pivots into R&B and pop intermittently to deliver a unique listening experience. Opening the track with Lexy’s vocals on top of a low keyboard, the song quickly transitions into a vocaloid-esque pre chorus. The beat then switches for the main chorus where the EDM influences in the track really shine through. Revealing a catchy hook, repeating “Why you under me? If you over me?” the track ends out with an epic bass drop that features drop ins of the hook and seamless vocals before closing out with the echo of the track.
With lyrics assured to make any listener feel like a boss, Lexy once again delivers a new anthem perfect for the gyms, clubs and everywhere else.