Liam Benayon Debuts Danceworthy Single “Don’t Call Me At A Party”

Toronto-based dance pop producer, songwriter, and artist Liam Benayon combines the sounds and textures of classic anthemic dance pop, with a brutally honest modern perspective in lyrics.

He’s now serving up a bombastic earworm with his upcoming single “Don’t Call Me At A Party.” Born out of a frustrating encounter with a now ex-best-friend, the track chronicles the feelings of FOMO, betrayal, and the comically lackluster experience of college parties. Featuring the real voicemail that incited the events in the song, the track anchors its wrath in hard hitting 808’s, fluttering synthesizers, and a vengeful vocal performance.

“My lifelong dream is to write a huge pop hit and hear it in a gay club while a drag queen performs a number to it and the whole place is going absolutely insane,” says Benayon. “I’ll die happy when that happens.”