Long after “Scars” have healed, apollonio shares his new EP, “time in between”

apollonio’s new EP, time in between, drops as the electro pop artist emerges from a mental-health struggle: much of his last decade was swallowed by obsessive-compulsive disorder. But things are looking up.

During the pandemic, apollonio — his mind regained, the worst of the OCD behind him — wrote the songs of time in between… reflections of what he went through and what he sees, looking forward.

The focus track “Scars” is bittersweet – though it’s leaning more towards the sweet. It’s a song about two people meeting and being super excited about each other – all the  more so because they know that they’ve been through difficult times and can connect over those experiences. They’re open to showing each other their emotional scars and their bodies. 

apollonio wanted to capture some of his experiences from the last decade. Although it was tough at times, things started to look way up by the end. This five track EP contains a bit of everything.  

“I went through a rough patch that lasted a number of years,” says apollonio. “When it was all over, it was time to pick myself up and move on, but, of course, I was bringing a whole new set of experiences to the table. I had a new set of scars, emotionally speaking. But that’s where wisdom comes from.”