Lyle Kam Debuts “tokyo” from the Intriguing ‘blurry eyed’ EP

Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Lyle Kam channels sonic inspiration from artists like Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and Charlie Puth. Now, he unveils a fresh batch of music featuring his trademark introspection about love, loss, and belonging. 

Primarily self-produced, blurry eyed serves as a time capsule of when things in his life were just a bit blurry⁠; uncertain. This album is a collection of thoughts and emotions when he was still figuring himself out and determining what he wanted. To have a crush, fall in love, and have it fall apart, while learning about the responsibilities of being an adult. Stream in full here.

With an emphasis on nostalgia, “tokyo” captures the heartache of holding on to someone who is slowly slipping away. Retro synths and elements reminiscent of Japanese city pop make the song feel warm, as well as vibrant and lively.

The success of his debut EP Folly, featuring the Tik Tok viral single “Unlove, ” led to more than 4 million streams and over 70 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. He hopes to shine a light on Asian-Canadian artists and inspire others with his message that nothing is out of reach with enough passion and hard work.