Lyle Kam Will be “somebody to you”

Fresh out of university, Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Lyle Kam channels sonic inspiration from artists like Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and Charlie Puth. After the success of his debut EP Folly – featuring the TikTok viral single “Unlove” which led to 1.9 million likes on the platform, and over 4 million Spotify streams – Lyle has returned with a fresh batch of music presenting his trademark introspection about love, loss, and belonging.

It’s difficult not knowing what to do, especially when the choice is between your passions or the one you love. Constantly wavering and wanting to be selfish, “somebody to you” is his earnest new single, a desperate plea that wonders “what if I was better?” Would things be different?”

Now as he turns his attention full time to creativity, he hopes to shine a light on Asian-Canadian artists and inspire others with his message that nothing is out of reach with enough passion and hard work.