Lyzzie Intrigues with New Release “IJWYD”

indie-pop artist with a dark twist. Her songwriting uncovers varying experiences with mental health, and her growth into the person she is today. Music is a powerful tool for healing and her goal is to help as many people as she can feel not as alone in their thoughts.

On her journey to self-discovery and self-love, Lyzzie confronts her pain in “IJWYD” (I Just Want You Dead). “A grown man fell in love with me when I was in high school,” she discloses. “I’ve felt a lot of conflicting emotions surrounding this relationship. I’ve felt disgust and anger but also heartbreak and betrayal. The song is about what I wanted to say to him, but never did at the time. He should know what he did was wrong.”

Would be great to see “IJWYD” highlighted at OUTLET:

“IJWYD” is part of her upcoming debut EP. From being on the verge of a mental breakdown and not wanting to tell anyone, to selfish boyfriends, and being taken advantage of, each lyric is authentically her and her story.