Matt Fasullo Comes Alive with R&B and blues rock single “Video99”

What started out as an experimentation with music in his parent’s basement turned into a constant project where he matured his sound for seven years. Matt Fasullo combines the familiar with the new, splicing together the warmth and rawness of folk music with the underbelly of alternative electronica. 

His nostalgic song, “Video99,” mixes R&B with blues-y rock grooves. It’s an ode to a video store in Stouffville, Ontario where he used to rent movies and games because it represents an era that he misses greatly. He remembers walking into that dull beige 90s carpeted store to rent an N64 game to spend a fun weekend with friends. 

Fasullo also brought on his good friend and collaborator Janel Rae to do some harmonies and write an outro. He didn’t give her much context and gave her creative freedom to interpret the song in her own way, and she delivered some rather unsettling but incredible lyrics.