Megan Dawson Comes Alive on the Moving “Kissed Me Like That”

Megan Dawson’s newest release, “Kissed Me Like That,” brings an exciting new sound for the pop-country artist. The song brings hooky lyrics and an energetic melody embodying the feelings of happiness when falling in love. Mixed with the combination of Megan’s bright vocals, this song brings an exciting sound to the pop-country space. 

“As we head into Spring and Summer, I wanted a song that represented and embodied that feeling of something so beautiful that you can’t explain it but it makes you feel so good and optimistic,” said Megan. Megan Dawson · Kissed Me Like That – Megan Dawson

“I want my listeners to be able to find themselves within my songs,” Megan said. “To be able to be a part of the soundtrack of the current chapter in their lives no matter if it’s happy, sad or somewhere in between. I hope to inspire my listeners in the same way that my favorite artists inspire me.”