Melissa Marchese Was Born to Sing on “Sirens”

Hamilton-based artist Melissa Marchese was born to sing. Her new album, MAD LOVE, runs the gamut from country torch and twang to anthemic bluesy-rock to the record’s focus track, “Sirens,” a horn-soaked Motown-inspired romp.

Sirens” reflects on climate change and how deprioritized this existential threat is. Marchese expresses the human experience that we all share and the importance of our only home. 

“The wrath we are already beginning to experience from humans’ destruction of the planet does not discriminate, and we should wake up and do something while we still can.”

MAD LOVE is an exercise in bringing peace to listeners’ hearts, reflecting Marchese’s ethos that love unequivocally always wins. “It means everything to think that I can help someone remember that they’re not alone and that we’re all going through something,” she enthuses.