Mercvrial Entices with Dreamy New Album “Brief Algorithms”

Mercvrial’s debut LP “Brief Algorithms” is the sophomore EP for the band. “Brief Algorithms” represent a modest stylistic departure for Mercvrial, as they wanted the new release to be ‘hustle more’ and be a ‘bit heavier in spots.’ Mission accomplished. With their new sound Mercvrial delivers a brisk, energetic mix of indie rock, punk and shoe gaze that gives off ultra-cool-lo-fi vibes.

In addition to 8 original compositions, “Brief Algorithms” includes two unconventional covers of Pink Floyd’s “Matilda Mother,” and Ultravox’ “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” as well as re-imagining Ride’s “Jump Jet/Dub Jet(Waiting on a Miracle)” on the digital release.
Frontman David’s lyrics are sometimes frank, often laced with dark humor, and paint a picture of a songwriter grappling with the unknown. “I suppose every song I write is in some way about the wonderment, loneliness, and absurdity of being a human on a big rock hurtling through an ocean of stars; if that’s not sufficiently pretentious, I can’t help you.”