Mercvrial Shares Intriguing New Album “Brief Algorithms”

Mercvrial’s latest release “Brief Algorithms” is a breath of Rock n Roll fresh air. The new album which heats up the Summer is filled with intricate lo-fi gems that will have your head spinning with every listen. 

Their impressively crafted tunes sets the tone for a new direction of the band. Blissed out tracks and epic instrumentation set the tone for the entirety of the release as Mercvrial comes into their own.

They utilize every part of an instrument, every note possible, and every tool at their disposal to create their  carefully crafted and genuine sound. 

The album crosses wavelengths from grounded yet hypnotic melodies and consistently stellar hooks and vocals. 

Lyrically speaking everything and anything is fair game as the band brings their story to life one note at a time. 

Their music is frisky, vibrantly eclectic Rock, brimming with earworm melodies, wry wit, literate flair, and playful instrument banter. Their musical aesthetic takes shape through an array of styles that show their true essence as a band.