Mia Baron is a “Rebel Without A Cause”

Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Mia Baron pens lyrics which touch on how challenging it is to figure out who you are and what you want. Baron’s songs show that for her, the sky’s the limit. Natural talent, swagger, and drive have played a role in this 14-year-old artist racking up close to 300,000 total Spotify streams.

Her latest release, “Rebel Without A Cause,” describes teenage rebellion: an adventurous desire to do forbidden things, test the limits and go against what’s expected.

Baron started singing at just 9 years old and turned professional at 11. When the pandemic halted her busy schedule as a live performer, she pivoted to releasing songs every few months with the help of her production and co-writing team Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu. With a sound shaped by artists like Madison Beer, Nessa Barrett, and The Weeknd, Baron’s pop tracks are frequently filled with stuttering beats and moody vibes.