Michel Neray Debuts “Let The Wild Orchids Grow”

“Life’s not a promise, let the wild orchids grow,” a friend told Michel Neray on the phone in the hospital. The friend had been emergency airlifted to the hospital, and at the time, they weren’t even sure he was gonna make it. It reminded Michel that we should all do what makes us happy when we can, without waiting for a someday that may never come. 

For singer-songwriter Michel Neray, that means taking a week-long motorcycle trip on the “Brothers’ Ride” across the country and state lines. Many times, a brother will extend an invite to another to join them on the trip, but more often than not, an excuse always seems to surface. 

That’s what inspired his Americana-influenced song, “Let The Wild Orchids Grow.” It’s his reminder to himself and others that you can’t take this lifetime for granted.