Mobile leads their triumphant comeback with new single “In My Heart” from their new LP

With their comeback LP, Roadmap to Redemption, Mobile displays the same undeniable chemistry and deft songwriting chops that propelled them to prominence in their original career from 2002-2015. This time out, however, the original four-piece band (frontman Mat Joly, guitarists Christian Brais and Frank Williamson, and drummer Pierre-Marc Hamelin) have an entirely new perspective on their partnership and the music industry.  

Joly wanted to channel positivity on the happy yet nostalgic song, “In My Heart,” which is their first single since 2008. He took inspiration from a perhaps unexpected source – Post Malone’s vocals. 

“The main theme of the album is the long road to redemption so that you can finally be happy later in your life,” says Joly. “That being said, a lot depends on the choices you make along the way and the risks that you take and where you end up at a certain time in your life…You gotta move on even though it seems impossible, you gotta stand up and run away from the negative and bad stuff that surrounds you.”

Produced by Gauthier Marinoff, Roadmap To Redemption is equally as compelling and vital as Mobile’s early work such as the iconic breakthrough song, “Out Of My Head.” But getting back together wasn’t about reliving their past or chasing a hit; it was about chasing something even more intangible. Stay tuned for a tour announcement!