Montreal’s Psychedelic Psychiatrist Oliver Ghoul Shares Trippy New Love Song, “Glue”

Montreal’s psychedelic psychiatrist, Oliver Ghoul, is sharing “Glue,” a weird and trippy love song for fans of ‘60s psychedelia and lo-fi music. 

The track finds Ghoul depicting himself as a lovestruck stalker in his own apartment, his emotion-riddled body a “leaky monkey suit” while he surveys his wife from behind a plant.

This bittersweet and lush psych-pop tune is what Ghoul calls a “Scooby-Doo take on a love song.”

Filmmaker Benjamin Bensoussan directed the music video for “Glue,” evoking the silliness of when the ghost is behind Scooby and Shaggy and they have no idea.

“People are complex. Relationships are complex. Life is complex. Feelings are complex. It’s important to embrace the contradictions, the absurdity of life and who we are as human beings. I’d rather not ignore that part of being alive!” explains Ghoul.