Multi-Dimensional Creative Jason Bhattacharya Shares New Single “Egypt” Under Granny Smith Pseudonym

Granny Smith is the brainchild of Toronto born musician Jason Bhattacharya whose main focus is production, songwriting and recording. Bhattacharya has been featured on umpteen records as a session musician and producer and has also worked in the music department for Netflix, Sony Pictures and Paramount Television Studios over the last three years. 

Egypt” is the latest and greatest release from the Granny Smith universe. Something a little different and a bit more unsettled. Layering a variety of instruments (acoustic guitar, rickenbacker bass, piano, wah guitar, bongos, tambourine, shakers), Bhattacharya played the acoustic guitar solo overtop before finally recording the drums.

The single’s accompanying visuals are by artist and creative technologist Dan Tapper. Created using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, the initial inspiration came from a series of film photographs and super8 stills shared by Bhattacharya. Tapper loved the texture and colour reproduction in these images and explored a combination of stop motion animation techniques fused with an AI image generator called StableDiffusion. This allowed him to create hybrid digital versions of these images departing from their initial form, taking us on a journey of continuous grainy, displaced zooms and rotoscoped flickering textures.