Nature Becomes Music with Höhn’s Unique Project

Toronto’s Höhn arrives with debut single “Egypt Lake” – created entirely with field recordings from Banff National Park. An atmospheric instrumental driven by field recordings of water, it induces a sense of determined focus as hypnotic melodies interplay with fluttering percussion while hard-hitting bass builds into a euphoric crescendo. 

From the tiniest sound makers, flies and mosquitos, to the effervescent flowing streams that lap and lap, Höhn lets the environment talk, creating a greater message without a lyrical angle. Ambient and lucid, an ethereal trance, you plug in, unclench, submit to becoming unknown in the wild and return to your instincts.

After travelling and camping through four remote locations in Alberta and Quebec, pianist and composer Eric Haynes (co-founder of neo-soul collective Busty and the Bass) turned raw sound into an explosive composition. He fuses harmonic concepts of jazz with idioms of techno music, bringing something distinctly organic to electronic production.