Neo-soul Montreal musician, Miel Azevedo, embraces discovery on “Healing Tears”

Miel Azevedo (they/them), is a nonbinary artist and musician hailing from Toronto, and currently based in Montreal. Mostly self-taught, MIEL recorded and produced their debut album Beginnings which was released in 2021. The songs have unexpected changes but mostly adhere to a pop song form with a jazz feel and a warm live band sound. 

Miel Azevedo’s forthcoming EP SOFT departs from the limitations of song form, traversing genres and instrumentation in a unique sound that points forward and backward at the same time. SOFT is a leap in their voice as a producer as well as a composer as they were able to arrange and record orchestral arrangements for the first time. 

Their magical new song, “Healing Tears,” is an expression of their journey in sexual healing and discovery. It came together with the support of two mentors: Kevin Breit (Canadian guitarist for Norah Jones and Cassandra Wilson) and Dave Clark (original drummer for Rheostatics) who each provided guidance during songwriting. 

Miel Azevedo reimagined a queer erotic art project from 2020, to create the music video for this single. Gabriel Lapierre directs MIEL and fellow artist Eddying Jackson to portray a soft queer embrace, a sensual play, and nurturing with room to grow.