New Age musician Julian Loida evokes the memory of “Giverny”

Percussionist, composer, and producer Julian Loida has a thirst to participate in and experience a range of sounds due in part to his synesthesia. Music is a full-body experience for him, with sounds often invoking involuntary sensations of color, texture, or even taste for this Boston jazz/folk/classical musician. 

Giverny” is the opening song on Loida’s upcoming sophomore LP. It is the small town outside of Paris where Claude Monet lived, worked, and changed the world through his paintings. The light in this town is soft and warm, where “golden hour” is all day, serene. 

Loida visited the town twice in his travels. When this music came to him, the sound and feeling of this piece reminded him of Giverny – the light, the feeling of walking through this artist’s gardens and grounds. As memories are, many times they come to us before we even remember.