New Friends Debut Cover of Radiohead’s “High and Dry”

New Friends have recorded their spin on Radiohead’s soaring 1995 release, “High and Dry,” featured on The Bends

“[Radiohead] has inspired us in so many ways inside and outside the studio. When looking through their catalogue, one of the songs that spoke to us immediately was ‘High and Dry’ because it encapsulated a lot of the melodic inspiration and subject matter we have as a group when we make original music. 

It has always been one of our favourite songs and we’re excited to share such a special song to some new listeners who may have never heard it before,” explain New Friends.

Solidifying a propulsive drum groove allowed the band to build their cover, whose earnest melodies and gentle acoustic guitar playing is juxtaposed with a classically New Friends, full band, uptempo take on the chorus.

This cathartic, coming of age rendition is a more energetic spin on the original, while still capturing the poignancy of the song’s lyrics. New Friends worked with producer Marty Martino to create a modern version of “High and Dry” intended for their own generation.