Noah Derksen Gets Real on Latest Release

An American citizen raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies, award-winning roots/Americana singer-songwriter Noah Derksen writes with the groundedness of harsh Manitoba winters mixed with the failed optimism of the American Dream. He currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

His new song, “Fuck You and Fuck Your Friends Too,” find humour in the disastrous end of a relationship. They settled on a bouncy, old-timey country groove, kinda like in an old silent slapstick film. It’s the sarcastic idea that everything can go wrong, while still being light and funny. 

“I was dumped twice during the 18 months of the pandemic, and by the same person, no less,” explains Noah. “With all the dust swirling round, my world caving in on itself yet again, all I could really do was laugh at the situation. And in a comedic and desperate attempt at vindication, the only insult I could find to ease my heart was the title of this song, ‘Fuck You and Fuck Your Friends too.’”