Odario Debuts Epic New Single “Do Nada”

Odario is a storyteller, a hip-hop junkie and a lover of many musical soundscapes. He is embedded in the beat and submerged in the bass. Known for his work as songwriter and frontman of Grand Analog, he’s also the host of CBC’s Afterdark and released his debut solo album, Good Morning Hunter, in 2020.

Always pushing himself creatively, Odario recently collaborated with Edmonton jazz group Good Information on “Do Nada,” a song about doing nothing. With the post-pandemic era seemingly ramped back up to speed, maybe even at a faster pace, “Do Nada” goes out to all the hopeless romantics in search of a simpler, uncomplicated lifestyle. It’s about taking a moment to reflect on a rapidly spinning world. In a society so caught up with overachieving, Odario has written an anthem for the beloved underachievers.