Odds Reveal Epic New Single “Fall Guy”

Singer/guitarist Craig Northey and his fellow Odds – bassist Doug Elliott, drummer Pat Steward and guitarist Murray Atkinson – are thrilled to finally unveil their long-awaited seventh studio album, Crash The Time Machine, on August 4th

After laying down most of the basic tracks, the band enlisted co-producer Steven Page in Syracuse, NY to help them sort it out. A good friend of the band since early 1990s, Page and Northey have remained frequent musical collaborators; Northey is a member of the Steven Page Trio, while Page is no stranger to sitting in with the Odds and employing them in his recordings. After collating their various musical explorations into a unified whole, Page and the Odds handed the whole thing to trusted mix engineer Paul Forgues. The end result is a cohesive blend that redefines Odds’ music for 2023.

The album’s latest single, “Fall Guy,” began as two songs the band had almost completed. At a certain point, Northey realized they were two parts of the same story and got to work bringing them together. The first half of the song was an open ended story about the getaway driver in a botched heist where the others got away. Odds had written another song that was essentially about a relationship between someone in jail and their visitor. It became evident that they were part of the same arc and described the evolution of a relationship. It would be most poetic if none of it made sense.