Parks N’ Rec Grabs a Wave on “Deep Sea Diver”

Parks N’ Rec is the new project from Canadian singer Marco DiFelice (Supergarage), 

songwriter, music supervisor (Orphan Black, Lost Girl). In collaboration with several producers at Self Titled Studios, Parks N’ Rec deals with lost love, polarizing societies, and self-renewal. 

His new song, “Deep Sea Diver,” was created while DiFelice was staying in Belize, though lyrically it had been brewing in his mind for over two years. It explores themes of loneliness and courage; it’s a song about DiFelice’s attempt at ego death. 

Belize is a place where the sea is dotted with cayes and a history of courageous and adventurous divers exploring there. DiFelice was specifically interested in how a lot of those people are breaking through barriers of their own mind and body. He felt lucky to be around that culture and to have an opportunity to understand the obsession with “what’s underneath.” Through these experiences, DiFelice was trying to walk himself through his fear of the deep sea. He then created a magical place where fear and beauty collided as he daydreamed under the sea.