Puma June Sheds the Past in New Single “Glass Curtain”

Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Shanti Abbott, also known as Puma June, evokes a hopeful sadness through her introspective songwriting. A self-taught guitarist and Suzuki-trained violinist, she has a dreamy yet rich, experimental chamber-pop style, with a sprinkle of R&B.

The “emerging Canadian artist you need to hear” (Exclaim!) wants to continue to change the conversation in pop music – pushing discussions on the hard truths and painful pasts that shape us into the people we become. She has a particular focus on familial trauma, with her music centred around regaining power and recognizing the duality of people.

“Glass Curtain” is ultimately about shedding the weight of the darkness of the past. “My sister, brother and I didn’t have an easy childhood,” Puma June discloses about the new single. “This song started as an apology to my siblings for how much pain they felt, and my own feeling of helplessness to take that hurt away. It grew into more of a call for us to come together and let [it all] go.”