Punk/Rap artist DEAR-GOD reflects on his struggle to fit in on “Copiapó”

DEAR-GOD is the musical project of 22-year-old artist Robert Ortiz from Brampton, Ont. With a self-produced vision that incorporates punk, hardcore and industrial sounds with rap cadences into something truly singular, DEAR-GOD has occupied a unique and exciting space since arriving in 2019 and was later named as one of NME’s 100 Artists to watch in 2021.

The new song, “Copiapó” is a reflection on Ortiz’s personal experience growing up and feeling alienated. He’s always struggled to find where he fits in and feel accepted for who he really is. As much as he’s made efforts to open his arms to people and come with respect, he finds that the cycle has unfortunately followed him into his adulthood too. 

That’s why he chose to work with Juno-nominated rapper, Clairmont the Second, on this track. They share similar values as artists, and both of them prioritize working with people that make them feel uplifted and creative. 

“This song was a way for us to come together to inspire others to find their people,” says Ortiz. “No matter how much people will make you feel lower, you will always find those people who will empower you.”

DEAR-GOD has partnered with Dine Alone Records for the release of his first LP, which will be out on May 5th, 2023.