Queens County Roots (feat. Jesse Maxwell) Debuts Strong Release “Feed The Hungry” from the ‘The Moon Sessions’ EP

Queens County Roots is home to the blues rock songs of New York City-based guitarist Marlon Hurt. Collaborating with Jesse Maxwell, Hurt has created “Feed The Hungry,” harnessing the age-old metaphor of love as sustenance.

Jesse Maxwell’s vocals lead this track into an R&B vein, complete with ethereal and yearning lyrics, such as, “I have a thirst that I can’t seem to quell by drinking deeply from a wishing well.”

Undercurrents of neo-soul, prog, and major key blues rock flesh out this soaring and eclectic track.

Feed The Hungry” is taken from The Moon Sessions, Queens County Roots and Maxwell’s collaborative EP, which features a collection of songs that deal with intolerable situations.

There is an uplifting quality to this music, approaching difficult topics with a positive outlook and clear-eyed vision.