Quirky Folk Act The Pairs Go With Grace on Cheerful New Single “Superhuman”

Tied together by family and soaring harmonies, The Pairs share stories of life’s hope, hilarity, and hardship. Pull up a seat around their lively kitchen table for a unique blend of music that will hug your eardrums and make you want to groove.

A smattering of feelings and self-doubt, “Superhuman” tells a personal yet relatable story of realizing how we get caught up in the way we’re being perceived by others instead of truly experiencing life and all the feelings that come with living. We’re not perfect, so why do we put so much energy towards trying to convince people that we are? This song marks the intention to try and drop the hyper perfectionism and accept ourselves as fallible and human. 
Superhuman” reminds us that we can be wrong, that we can make mistakes, that we can say things that hurt people, and that none of that makes us bad people, or unlovable.