Raise a Glass to Jordy Benattar’s New Single “Cheers”

The enchanting and delightful Jordy Benattar is a natural melody-maker and lyricist. She first caught the public eye as a film and TV actress, and is now pursuing her passion for songwriting. An up-and-coming artist with a pulse on ever-evolving societal changes, Jordy Benattar’s music feels like the most honest conversation you’ll ever have.

Influenced by generational phenomena, growing pains and universal life experiences, Jordy’s music is detailed, sensual and imagery-infused. Her sound is a smooth blend of singer-songwriter, indie pop and folk. 

Cheers” reflects on Jordy’s observation of a generational feeling of lethargy and purposelessness. She kept hearing stories from her friends in their 20’s and 30’s about hating their jobs, lacking a sense of meaning in this world and wanting more. She’d heard enough about it to understand and write about it. So many young adults today feel frustrated, stuck and worried that they’re running out of time to live fully and be happy. “Cheers” is a window into the millennial brain that so badly craves an extraordinary life in the present and fears leaving “no legacy” behind in the future.  

Jordy Benattar shares: “The title of the song and first lyric of the chorus is a sarcastic commentary on how (some) millennials feel about their future. You expect to hear ‘Cheers with a glass half full’ but instead get ‘glass half empty.’ I love how the cynical, anxiety-ridden lyrics sit atop chill, upbeat, acoustic pop instrumentals. I created this contrast because I want listeners to connect to the somber, relatable message but still have fun listening to the track.”