Rising Artist HADEE. Brings Heat with his Sophomore Single, “KEROSENE”

With a Tarantino-esque flair, HADEE. portrays the desire to risk everything going up in flames for what he wants, and he does so with a signature cool in his new single “KEROSENE.” The 80s synthpop-inspired track explores the reckless themes of romance and its evanescent nature. It expands on this theme through its chosen soundscape, each detail adding to the overall cinematic atmosphere. 

Straight from the start, we’re met with an almost haunting instrumentation that paints the visual of desert-glaring heat raining down. “KEROSENE” cements HADEE. as an upcoming artist with a versatility that leaves his listeners longing to explore.

It started out as an instrumental idea I had made a couple years back. It was a bassline that I had then developed, but I couldn’t seem to think of the right words for this one idea. I had almost accepted that it would never become a full song. Fast-forward to this past summer, I had found the original recording of the instrumental, and that’s when the chorus melody we hear in the song came to mind. This allowed me to further get into the storyline and arrangement, so I could create a decent demo.