Rose Brokenshire Debuts Gorgeously Crafted Single “Better Now”

A wildland firefighter by summer and songwriter by winter, Rose Brokenshire has crafted a beautifully balanced life that stumbles between summers of natural chaos and winters of calming creation. 

Following her 2020 debut EP, In A Spell, Rose is releasing her latest single, “Better Now.” The song was written during a massive transition period in Rose’s life while she was dealing with chronic pain and mental illness. Through little rituals, she learned to nourish her body and mind, and this song is a loving ode to that chapter of her journey.

“I wanted to make something that honoured the journey of growth – something that expressed love for both the ups and downs, the light days and dark days, and the tools I found most healing during a more desolate chapter of my life,” said Rose. “I made this music to self-soothe; to share a tangible piece of my healing journey that I can listen to and feel proud of, and to serve as a reminder to always be gentle with yourself.”