Scarlett Flynn Comes Alive with “Sour In The Sun”

After 15 years as the co-creator and co-lead vocalist of Running Red Lights, Scarlett Flynn is stepping into the spotlight for her solo debut. She unveils lead single “Sour in the Sun” from forthcoming EP, Living is Hell, through which she pushes herself forward into unexplored creativity despite a high sea of insecurities so honestly on display in her lyrics.

“I was a begetter, a creator, a hustler and a health nut and then COVID happened and I fell under the thumb of the addict, the saboteur, the loafer and the self-hater. ‘Sour in the Sun’ is as honest as I can get to the recounting of my struggle to fight the worst parts of my nature,” Flynn reveals. The debris of old wounds, self-doubts and fears of irrelevance all orbit around the core of Flynn’s music, a spiritual sister to art pop feminists like Beth Gibbions (Portishead), Fiona Apple and St. Vincent.