Shane Ghostkeeper Debuts Strong Release “I Know How” from Upcoming Album

The classic Bakersfield sound shines in “I Know How,” Shane Ghostkeeper’s new single “inspired by the chance to redeem a lifetime of terrible dancing as a dedication to the craft for my upcoming wedding with the love of my life.” The music video was conceptualized and directed by fiancée Sarah Houle.

Fans of independent Canadian music will likely recognize the name Shane Ghostkeeper from his namesake project GHOSTKEEPER, a band that has been responsible for some of the more thrilling music to emerge from Alberta during the last 15 years. But while his parent band trades in a highly unique, left-of-centre approach to indie rock, this new project is a deeply reverential tribute to the music he absorbed while growing up in the Northern Alberta Métis communities of Paddle Prairie, High Level, and Rocky Lane. “The concept of this record,” he says, “is to present, as a gift to my people, an exploration of the country & western and roots records they surrounded me with since childhood.” Songs For My People is truly a family affair, slated for release on July 28, 2023 via Victory Pool Records.