Sika Valmé Delights with “Erosion Eksperyans”

Sika Valmé is a contemporary Creole-Canadian musician, performer and illustrator. Her music and graphic universe give rise to an immersive synergie of sonic and visual stories. She was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and currently resides between Montréal, New York, and Mexico. As a reflection of Sika’s many migrations, her creations craft timeless narratives that find inspiration in geometry, the natural world, and in the human experience.

Her new EP and title track, “Erosion Eksperyans” is about a dark personal period in Sika’s life, a hard time with her health, consciousness about her story and how much she has to offer to the world. It follows a period of deep change in her life and lifestyle. Changes to improve her health took time, consistency, and patience. She drew parallels between this and erosion in the natural world. 

“Resilience creates capacity” – this lyric was Sika’s mantra during the writing process of this EP. It took time, patience, research, and lived experience, to come up with a concept and a new body of work around this record, which is finally ready 13 years after the first EP. Most important to her was that her music helps to tell a story from her community and other similar groups that experience displacement.

Listen to the full EP here:

“I create for something bigger than myself,” says Sika. “My music considers other art forms for the future, my lyrics and songwriting tell a story, and support visual narratives such as film. I value exchange, conversation, connection, synch more than performing on a stage. I create with a social conscience so I think bigger rather than only focusing on my personal emotions or story.  I say less with words, let the music say more, but I pick my words.”