Singer-Songwriter Dan Pallotta Goes the Distance on New Single “The Man That Fortune Forgot”

Following up on the release of “Winnebago Dreams,” Dan Pallotta’s escapist reflection on carefree summer road tripping, the artist is sharing his new single, “The Man That Fortune Forgot.”

Empathetic and humorous, the storytelling at the heart of this folk song reflects on the feelings of self-pity and victimhood that we all experience at one time or another. The song comes from his forthcoming album, Winnebago Dreams, out November 17th.

“I’m really careful about NEVER saying, “just my luck,” when something bad or annoying happens, because that shit becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” says Pallotta. “But you can’t help feeling it sometimes, even if you’re good about not verbalizing it.”

“The Man That Fortune Forgot” marks Pallotta’s second collaboration with Soozie Tyrell of E Street Band fame on fiddle and bassist Tony Garnier, music director for Bob Dylan.

Reflecting on the character at the centre of this song, Pallotta explains that “we all feel like we’re ‘the’ person — the only person that is forgotten — sometimes. And he feels trapped. He’s not committed to life being this way and he even tries the path of gratitude, but even that doesn’t work out for him.

So you end up having a lot of empathy for the poor bastard, which, of course, leads you to have a lot of empathy for yourself—that part of yourself that’s like him sometimes.”