Singer-songwriter Marcus Lowry shares the ambient sounds of his hometown on “Hold You Tight”

Marcus Lowry is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer based in Montreal. His debut solo album Time, Time, Time is set to be released this coming fall. It is produced by the beloved Canadian musician and producer Joe Grass, recipient of two Félix awards and multiple Juno nominations. 

From the upcoming LP, the gentle “Hold You Tight” is a tender remedy for loneliness. The song’s simple, cyclical melody catches your ear and then lulls you into a peaceful dreamstate that is sure to comfort you to the very last note.

Marcus sings atop a busy overpass, late at night in his hometown of Montreal. His delicate vocal performance pierces through the sounds of the traffic and city life, and draws us into a peaceful musical refuge. 

“We had just wrapped filming a music video on a cool, rainy night and when the rain stopped, we decided to go for a walk to scout a new location,” says Marcus. “I was walking with my guitar in hand, singing the song, and when we ended up on a nearby overpass I knew right away that the restless, obtrusive sounds of the city at night would be a perfectly poetic backdrop for this soft and intimate song.”