Stun Show Their Range with “Highz & Lowz”

Stun is an award winning Canadian indigenous hip hop artist from Oxford House, Manitoba. Leaning toward his most prominent project yet, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous (Out September 2nd) is the third installment toward the hip hop artist’s catalog. 

Highz & Lowz” was created out of the blue. The song is a soft description of the experiences we go through as we get older. From love to pain, it’s definitely like a rollercoaster ride.

One day after Stun was done with his daily routine, he decided to finish up the instrumental, which took a few days leading up to that point. He was thinking about his current issues at the moment, from his financial situation, to the amount of stress he was feeling due to family conflict. 

While touching up the instrumental, he then started to come up with a simple melody, which then turned into words and more words. And the whole song just came spilling out into the recording process. He simply allowed his thoughts and feelings at the time to pour out onto the mic.

“I wanted to create something more different than what I had previously created,” says Stun. “I was a little skeptical on whether or not I should incorporate my native tongue into the lyrics, but then I thought, ‘Well, I have indigenous youth that listen to my music, and for them to feel like, ‘Hey, this guy is just like me,’ – it would definitely turn tables for that deep connection, to be inspired. I ended up making the decision of actually keeping it a lot more simple and less complicated.”

The album was actually considered finished before “Highz & Lows” was added onto the list. It was ready to be shared with the world. But when the song flowed out so organically, Stun knew he had to add it onto the album.

With the new album, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous, Stun is hoping that people can get a more in-depth sense of his culture and an indefinite experience of what happens in his life. He wants them to feel love, passion and pride – in other words, a great understanding of the lifestyles of the fresh & indigenous.