Montréal based indie pop duo Down With Space are vocalist/guitarist Rob Helsten and drummer Steve Dumas – the partnership of an English speaker (Helsten) and a French speaker (Dumas) who have found an understanding through music when language can sometimes elude communication.  Their confident new single, “Know I Know” isContinue Reading

Up and coming alt-rockers, Rebelle, of Wakefield, Québec, are sharing “Head On Fire,” a raw and angsty call to take a stand for yourself and reject a toxic relationship. This energetic and cathartic rock track calls out an individual for their games, declaring “I’m going to shed some light exposeContinue Reading

Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Mia Baron pens lyrics which touch on how challenging it is to figure out who you are and what you want. Baron’s songs show that for her, the sky’s the limit. “Constant Contact,” her latest release, draws inspiration from a battle with addiction that the artist endured.Continue Reading

“Confident guys don’t tend to hide behind acoustic guitars.” This line is the kicker from Hamiltonian singer-songwriter Mattie Leon’s latest single, a feel-good toe tapper which combines folk and rock influences. A steady groove undergirds “Acoustic Guitars,” complimented by horns and vocal harmonies. Leon provides an upbeat reflection on romantic insecurityContinue Reading

Singer/songwriter Lucy Morgan found songwriting to be the greatest form of therapy after her sister had passed away. She turned her deepest emotions into lyrics and a melody became a beautiful metamorphosis. Letting the world hear her songs feels like closing the chapter that inspired them.  As Lucy readies herContinue Reading

New Brunswick-based singer-songwriter, David Myles, is a seeker. “Walk With Me,” taken from his introspective upcoming record, finds the musician looking to fill his spiritual void. Plaintive lap pedal steel guitar accentuates Myles’ yearning vocals, complemented by sisters Reeny and Haliey Smith’s backing vocals. The gliding folk and roots songContinue Reading

Constant forward momentum is a key for Toronto singer/producer Jesse Maxwell personally and musically. It’s a way to remain relevant, not only to his large online following but be true to himself. Rather than set himself apart from listeners, he draws them in, taking something highly personal and making itContinue Reading

Saint-Sauveur, Québec’s borza is sharing a new release entitled “As high as you can go,” dedicated to reminding listeners that an abundance of love is possible, so it’s worth taking chances. The track began as a folk song before morphing into the distorted guitars and sweet harmonies of the finishedContinue Reading