Witte Beer is the electro-pop alias of Jeremy van Leeuwen from Toronto. The hard hitting sound of Witte Beer evokes likeness to artists like Kim Petras, SOPHIE, and Grimes. Bright bubblegum vocals deliver earworms that float crisply on top of the punchy framework. After the success of his first single,Continue Reading

Stun is an award winning Canadian indigenous hip hop artist from Oxford House, Manitoba. Leaning toward his most prominent project yet, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous (Out September 2nd) is the third installment toward the hip hop artist’s catalog.  “Highz & Lowz” was created out of the blue. TheContinue Reading

Orson Wilds is an indie rock band from Toronto formed in 2019. “I’ll be your cellar, if you’re looking for somewhere to run.” A double entendre for ‘seller,’ their new single “Cellar” responds to friends succumbing to addiction. Grammy nominee Will Yip and Grammy winners Tom Lord Alge and EmilyContinue Reading

Maddisun (aka singer/songwriter Maddison Keiver) is an authentic, visceral, and magnetic artist whose unique music melds together indie-folk, soulful R&B, and electro-pop. Maddisun crafts incredibly inspiring and uplifting music true to her heart, sharing emotional journeys of love, heartache, growth, and resilience.  Maddisun’s genuineness, raw vocal talent and pure musicalityContinue Reading

Massachusetts-based folk singer-songwriter Dan Pallotta is returning with a new single from his upcoming album, American Pictures, entitled “Keith Smerage.” The melancholic finger-picked tune details the horrific history of Harvard University’s secret court, which was established in the 1920s to purge its campus of homosexuals. Thirty-two students who were suspectedContinue Reading

Toronto-based folk duo, Basset, are full of timeless heart. Acoustic songwriters Sam Clark and Yasmine Shelton will take you from a beekeeper’s fields to the haunted basement of a second-hand store, in a style that is all their own.  “Change of Time” signifies catharsis during a transition; a song forContinue Reading

Alex Mason is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. His songs are dark, anthemic, quiet and dynamic, like dredging up the bones of things that sit at the bottom of lakes. Raised in rural Ontario, he moved to Toronto after completing his degree in English Literature and decided he’dContinue Reading

Taking sounds from across near and distant times, metal band Generations is cultivating a sound like no other. Their sound projects an aestheticism for the listener, leaving a lasting impression upon one’s ear. To explore, discover, create, and manifest otherworldly sounds for us and our listeners is Generations‘ only doctrine.Continue Reading