Edmonton-based solo artist Jordan Jones just wants to spread love with his music. After multiple Canadian tours over the last 10 years—fronting a band as lead vocalist and as lead guitarist in two separate projects—he is ready to share himself completely. With a range of influences, his diversity is aContinue Reading

https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/1cIfiSuGp4I9yztUMiAEtW?si=VUYsfyaqRb23sy1U3KicLA&utm_source=copy-link Eminent Hip Hop artist Vincent Di’Amond Berry, better known by stage name Jl Bout-It, has released another masterpiece, ‘Stop Kappin’ on popular streaming platforms. The track offers a dynamic rap delivery that reveals the artist’s exceptional rhyming capability. The hard-hitting and groovy backdrop compliments the fast tempo of the rapContinue Reading

I am Yoel Young, a 17-year-old musical artist all the time way from Kathmandu, Nepal. Yoel Young has been doing music for quite some time now. But, it’s just been a year since I started recording and making songs. I started my career back in 2019 passively as I started toContinue Reading

Lorenzo Rosario aka 92baby is a 28 year old music artist from Racine, Wisconsin. 92baby began releasing music on main stream platforms in April 2020, releasing 4 singles to begin his career. 92baby began gaining a great amount of traction after releasing his single “Ice In My Veins” and gaining overContinue Reading

Bredd Phox offers a New genre of hip hop: Perspective Rap. Scenic punch lines high level entendres and easy to miss metaphors. Each track has immense replay-ability for all hip hop purests, and music videos that attract even fringe supporters via personality displayed. Bredd Phox: East Coast Rapper from Delores MusicContinue Reading