Constant forward momentum is a key for Toronto singer/producer Jesse Maxwell personally and musically. It’s a way to remain relevant, not only to his large online following but be true to himself. Rather than set himself apart from listeners, he draws them in, taking something highly personal and making itContinue Reading

Saint-Sauveur, Québec’s borza is sharing a new release entitled “As high as you can go,” dedicated to reminding listeners that an abundance of love is possible, so it’s worth taking chances. The track began as a folk song before morphing into the distorted guitars and sweet harmonies of the finishedContinue Reading

Étamine is the electronic music collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Brock Geiger and Ian Jarvis. Having spent the past 15 years performing, composing and recording in a multitude of settings, the duo have collectively contributed to over thirty records and played shows around the globe with their respective projects, Raleigh and Chairs.Continue Reading

Massachusetts-based folk singer-songwriter Dan Pallotta is sharing the second single from his upcoming LP, American Pictures, out October 5th.  “Charity Town” connects directly to his career as a philanthropist, where Pallotta is sometimes asked to speak for local community foundations in towns that have lost their major economic drivers.  ThisContinue Reading

Combining what they learned from commercial rock contemporaries with elements they liked of Country and Pop songs, Toronto band, ASCENDIA, has created a body of work that will unfold upon multiple listens.  Their dark and intense new single, “This War,” comes from their upcoming LP, PARASITE.  It started off asContinue Reading

Toronto-based folk duo, Basset, are full of timeless heart. Acoustic songwriters Sam Clark and Yasmine Shelton will take you from a beekeeper’s fields to the haunted basement of a second-hand store, in a style that is all their own.  Their latest single, “In The Clay,” reflects on the harm they’veContinue Reading

ACER is a dream pop duo made up of multi-instrumentalist Kyle Gottschalk and vocalist/art director Connory Ballantyne. Borrowing from the brooding post-punk sound of their former band House Art, Ballantyne’s vocals lend a confident and lyrical vision to the dynamically maximalist instrumentals written out of Gottschalk’s love for bedroom popContinue Reading

The breakout country artist from Hanna, Alberta, with genuine charm, Garrett Gregory will take you to a whole new level of “entertained.” The first of many singles to be released in 2022 is “Leavin’ You,” a song where Gregory faces the fact that most people won’t understand how much heContinue Reading

Captivating audiences with her soaring voice, genre defying sound and honest words,  Emily Jean Flack is an emerging artist on the Canadian music scene.  “Goldie” is about throwing caution to the wind and being yourself. Inspired by Goldie Hawn’s boldness, her aptly titled new single is made for dancing. OnContinue Reading