Emerging international pop star, Barbara Nadas, has released her new song “SOAR;” found on all streaming platforms today. Known for her previous songs “Overthink” and “Semmit nem ér(sz),” this new track takes a journey through her struggles and showcases her resilience like never before. “SOAR” is more than just a song; it’sContinue Reading

Dressed in black denim and adorned with solid gold grills and long beards, Mountain Head’s sound blends psych-rock, alt-rock and elements of electro/jangle pop into a unique and potent sonic concoction. With millions of streams and multiple Top 40 billboard hits in Canada, the band has been finishing music withContinue Reading

Much like their name, Whale and the Wolf’s unique sound is sonically immense and wildly fierce in its energetic intensity. Unapologetically authentic with a generous helping of playfulness, they’re audacious yet accessible. WATW skillfully incorporates the band’s multiple musical influences, perspectives and personalities to create their own distinctive maximal sound,Continue Reading

Slightest Clue is a Vancouver-based quartet. Charting the emotional highs and lows of a relationship, their new single “Suit Uptight!” grapples with the fear of losing someone.Produced by Matt Di Pomponio, the thrashing verses represent one’s anxious state of mind in thinking this person might be gone for good. InContinue Reading

Staytus is the musical alter-ego of Arizona-based recording prodigy Sam Grundemann, who fuses the immersive sensibility of gaming culture and the moody, stylized futurism of anime with Gen X-inspired angst, all set to a serrated electro-industrial goth metal soundtrack.  A black-winged avatar come to deliver reckoning for the onslaught of challengesContinue Reading

A one man show, 19-year-old Aidan Skira’s vision is all his own: self-taught, self-produced, self-animated. With early traction on SoundCloud and tastemaker YouTube channels, he is now becoming a staple in the underground live music scene in Toronto. He’s driven by a visceral need to get his dark, yet hopefulContinue Reading

Dead Levee is a 4-piece old-school, no-nonsense rock band consisting of members Tayler “Izzy” Morgan, Ray Klapatiuk, Rylan “Buck” Dusyk, and Preston Laschuk. Their aggressive, organic, and attitude-driven style harkens back to the high energy rock of the late 60’s with the attitude of 90’s rock.  Playing alongside established bandsContinue Reading