Talia Keys’ is a Musical Force with Captivating New Release “Lessons”

Talia Key’s star shines brighter than the sun. Her unique talent for connecting with an audience with her emotionally moving lyrics and soulful vocals is what makes her an incredible singer-songwriter.

Talia aspires to make her blues-infused rock music more palatable to an array of audiences while continuing to carry on the tradition of writing music of the people, for the people.

Talia shares of the album:“Inspiration strikes me in many different situations. Sometimes it’s in the desert with no one around, other times it’s when people join together to fight for a common cause. Feelings of loss, isolation and belonging. Feelings of hope, happiness and determination. My album Lessons became just that. A lesson. A reflection on the times we were living through and a premonition of what we were about to. I wrote these songs leading up to the pandemic/lockdown. Having recorded them with my band March 7th and 8th 2020, we didn’t realize that on March 10th, everything was about to change. Slowly over lockdowns, zoom rehearsals, masks and vaccines we were able to finish the record. My band is an incredible group of people, Lisa G on Backup Vox, Dave Brogan on Drums and Percussion, Ryan Conger on Keys, Piano, Synths and Josh Olsen on Bass. They each bring their hearts and musicality to these songs. We also have special guests Omega Horns to really bring it to another level, arranged by Trombonist Marcus Anderson.”

Her new album Lessons takes on an emotional and charged side of Keys. The release consists of 7 rich and honest songs, each with their own unique stylings that explore Talia’s nostalgic influences and exploration of genres. While each of the songs are strong, the standout tracks that will grab your attention first are “Ain’t Got Time for This,” and “Born in the Light,” which help to pave the way for the rest of the release. As the album escalates, we can hear every single emotion that Talia feels, like we are there watching these moments unfold in real time.

Keys is a foot-stomping, jaw-dropping soul-funk-rock n’ roll heavy hitting artist. Advocating for human rights Keys uses her music to convey a message of growth, awareness, and love. Promoting compassion and respect for our Earth and one another Keys brings a message within every song.

Lessons is Talia Keys’ most prominent and accomplished record to date…and it’s only the beginning for her journey.