Tara Van shares the empowering track “Rise” on the album of the same name

Although Toronto singer-songwriter Tara Van grew up in an artistic and welcoming family, she felt that she was somehow born missing the rhythm, dancing to her own beat. On her journey she has graduated from a performing arts high school, written a musical which was presented at Page 2 Stage in the UK, been diagnosed with ADHD, gone through a self-discovery of her queerness, and more. 

All of that life experience has been explored in Rise, Tara’s debut full-length solo album. It’s inspired by Rupi Kaur’s poetry book, The Sun And Her Flowers. The concept is all about the reincarnation of self depicted by the lifecycle of a sunflower, through wilting, falling, rooting and rising. 

The title track, “Rise,” is about rebuilding. After the heartbreak of her life, it took Tara some time to rise from the ashes, like a phoenix reborn. The song was written after a tearful breakup, a love letter written to her ex that would go nowhere, and the subsequent closure she finally got. 

“Never stop expanding, never stop challenging, never stop pushing and never give up,” Tara explains about the theme of the album. “It’s okay to let go of what doesn’t nourish you. If you outgrow the plot you are currently in, then it’s okay to uproot and plant yourself in a place where you can continue growing.”